Gina Baksa

British freelance editor and luxury lifestyle journalist.

Former deputy editor of Luxurious Magazine ( print version

*Celebrity interviews, luxury cars, spas, property,
hotel, restaurant features and reviews 

* Digital and print copywriter for luxury brands

* Based London UK, travel worldwide.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Road Test and Review

Scotland: Home of Braveheart, tartan, whisky, wild and wuthering weather, men in kilts (at least at Glasgow airport the day we arrived), neeps and tatties – and most importantly some of the best driving roads in the UK. Oh, and one particularly welcoming boutique hotel on the shores of Loch Vail – but more on that fine establishment later… We’re north of the border for the UK press launch of Alfa’s first SUV: the powerful Stelvio Quadrifoglio. With a top speed of 176mph....

Riad Farnatchi – A Marrackech Medina Masterpiece

A favoured destination of celebrities and the cognoscenti since the sixties, Marrakech remains Morocco’s favourite tourist destination. The former imperial city’s five-star hotels and luxury riads, its oriental ambiance, hectic Medina, fabulous cuisine and its outlying Palmeraie attract thousands of visitors a year. This is my first visit to Marrakech, and I’m staying at the luxurious award-winning Riad Farnatchi, a lovingly converted collection of private houses at the heart of the bustling Medina...

A Stay at the Palatial Palais Amani in the Heart of the Historic Fez Medina

Regarded as the historical and cultural capital of Morocco, Fez is finally breaking out of the shadows of its better-known southern neighbour Marrakech and having its own moment in the African sun. Thanks to new flights from across Europe and a new internal flight from Marrakech, this vibrant northern city is more accessible than ever. Known for its vibrant car- and moped-free souks and stunning architectural heritage, Fes’s star is deservedly on the ascendant. This is my first visit to Morocco

Peace and Paradise Found – Jardin Des Douars in Essaouira

Drive three hours west of Marrakech and you’ll reach the infinitely more relaxing city of Essaouira. Formerly known as Mogador, this erstwhile fishing village was once Morocco’s largest port. Today, while its fishing industry is still an important part of local culture, the main income here comes from tourism. A smaller and less frenetic version of Marrakech, Atlantic-facing Essaouira is a photographer’s dream with its compact blue-and-white Medina, golden ramparts, and stone gates...

Extraordinary Meetings With Sacred White Lions

The White Lions of Timbavati are under threat of extinction. Thanks to conservationists like Linda Tucker, founder of the Global White Lion Trust, they are being protected and bred in their natural habitat at a special reserve near the Kruger. Gina Baksa relates her own up-close encounter with the magical star lions… Like a lover’s caress, the rhythmic pulse of South Africa is intoxicating. Once under your skin, her visceral warmth, energy and wildness remains forever in your senses and your heart...

Alfa Romeo 4C 1750 TBI 240bhp TCT Spider Review

Some sports cars just ooze sexiness. With her ‘caress me, don’t mess with me’ curves and attitude, Alfa Romeo’s re-designed 4C Spider 1750 TBI 240bhp TCT is a case in point. One look at this stunning 2-seater carbon fibre speedster and I’m hooked. Her all-aluminium, 4 cylinder, turbo-charged engine wrapped in a mouth-watering Giallo Prototipo (Prototype Yellow). She looks like a sturdier sexier Lotus Elise mixed with a Ferrari. Incognito in a 4C Spider? Impossible

A Sophisticated Lunch At Dorchester Collection’s CUT At 45 Park Lane

My first impression is of superb service and subtle sophistication. As soon as my friend and I arrive we are guided to our table via the light-filled lobby with its grand staircase leading to BAR 45. The décor here is intimate and elegant: high ceilings, marble flooring, leather seating, fabulous ‘cloud’ chandeliers from Brand Van Egmond and beautifully presented staff who were perfectly attentive.

Getting Wrapped Up In Paris Chic With UNIO Luxury Scarves

It may be the start of summer in the northern hemisphere, but our inclement weather means scarves are still a welcome addition to our wardrobe – day or night. From earliest times we have used scarves to keep us warm, in ceremonial celebration, and as a desirable fashion accessory. Scarves were even used as decoration for soldiers during Napoleon’s reign and in the 1920s, scarves were the sole reserve of the aristocracy...
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